Thursday, October 28, 2010


At numerous Contract Negotiation/Mobilization Meetings the union has talked directly with many of you about the County’s last offer. This draconian set of proposals along with the county proposed health insurance changes was rejected by your CSEA Negotiation Team.

The proposal below was handed out by the County to your CSEA Negotiation Team on September 29th, 2010. This is a County proposal:

Don’t be mislead by the heading as CSEA had nothing to do with the development of this proposal.
Call the CSEA Office for a fresh copy of the County issued proposal.

The Marrion-Webster Dictionary defines what we are now doing as:

  • Mobilization - to marshal (as resources) for action <mobilize support for a proposal or cause>

At our last Mobilization Meeting, we chartered a number of committees to initiate some specific tasks. These committees will be dealing with communication, community outreach and internal organizing. If you would like to participate in some of the committee work, please contact the CSEA Office at 328-5250.

CSEA members from throughout Monroe County continue to express outrage at the County’s new approach to negotiations. We work hard for the people of Monroe County and we deserve to be treated better by the Brooks Administration. After all, the County Executive looks good to the voters in Monroe County because of the quality WORK we do.

Another mass Negotiation Update/Mobilization meeting has been scheduled for November (click here for more information). If you would like to get involved in the mobilization, or be kept informed, CLICK HERE to fill out an online registration form. If every Monroe County employee does a little, we can accomplish great things in Monroe County.

If you have a Facebook account CLICK HERE to join the fair contract cause page. Please get involved, speak up, as what we get in our contract depends on YOU.

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