Monday, December 12, 2011

CSEA and the County Return to Negotiate!

The County has just recently notified CSEA that the Administration is willing to return to negotiating a contract for the members of Unit 7400, the first meeting in months will be on Wednesday, December 14". CSEA has long stood at the position that the Unit was willing to enter into real negotiations with fairness for both sides. The membership has been looking for productive talks and for true negotiations. Now that the County has decided to meet with your Unit Negotiation Team again, we remain cautiously optimism that the parties can reach a fair agreement.

CSEA Unit 7400 President, Cris Zaffuto said, ''This is what we wanted to do all along, get back to negotiations, work to make a progressive agreement and we do want a real negotiation process to occur".

Overall, CSEA is hopeful that negotiations will move forward in a positive manner and create an agreement that gives the membership the stability they deserve. The membership has waited a long time and would like to see a positive end to the process.

Zaffuto said, I am glad that we are returning to negotiations to work out a contract that is financially proper for the workforce and fiscally proper for the residents of Monroe County, who our members work for". She continued. "Only by working together in a professional manner will all sides involved get what they truly deserve".

Even more importantly has been the resolve of the membership to attend legislative meetings; detailing the value of the work they do for the community and calling for aide to end the dispute and re-start negotiations. In that same spirit, the Unit 7400 Negotiating Team is calling on all members to come to the legislative meeting on the night of December 13th; showing support for all we have stood for and to show the Legislators the spirit of negotiating in good faith.

Important date to remember:

Tuesday, December 13th, 5:45 -Monroe County Legislative Meeting, Monroe County Office Building -wear your yellow CSEA t-shirt if you have one!

"We'll see you there!"