Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Mobilization Continues....

CSEA Monroe County Unit 7400 members and the Federation of Social Workers
(FSW) have been working without a contract since December 31, 2008.
photo: Bess Watts

Rochester, N.Y.-- Members of CSEA and FSW rallied outside the Monroe County Office Building Tuesday October 11th to bring attention to the fact that County government is dragging its heels when it comes to collective bargaining with County workers.

Thousands of County employees have been working without a contract since December 31, 2008. To read more about the Brooks administration's stall tactics, you can go here. (CLICK HERE)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

CSEA Unit 7400 Members Tell the County: Quit Your Stalling, Stand Up, Do the Right Thing, NEGOTIATE!

CSEA Unit 7400 members have been working without a contract for over two and a half years and have spent the last 9 months battling with the County Administration over their petty attempts to keep members from receiving quality of life wages and benefits. At the same time the County continues to give raises to and hire more administrative positions at higher salaries while the County Executive and Legislators cry to the public that the County can’t afford services to the community.

Unit members have reached out numerous times to the County Executive and the Legislators to explain the importance of the services they perform and requested their help to push the Administration to come to the table and properly negotiate. This hasn’t happened and the membership, who continues to do what is right for the community every day, providing needed public services, is fed up.

We ask all concerned citizens to join and rally with us; we are putting all County officials on notice. “We do our jobs, you do yours! We’ll remember this November!”


WHEN: Tuesday, October 11, 2011

TIME: 5pm to 6pm

WHERE: County Office Building, 39 West Main Street, Rochester

At 6pm we ask that you attend the first hour 6pm to 7pm of the Monroe County

Legislature for those that can. If you have a yellow shirt: WEAR IT!!

All CSEA Members are urged to attend.

For more information call (585) 328-5250

The CSEA Unit 7400 Leadership thanks all members for their continued involvement and will continue to keep all members up to date on the contract situation.