Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Mobilization Continues to Gain Steam in Monroe County

Mobilization @ Monroe Community Hospital

CSEA members collected signatures and handed out mobilization information all day at Monroe Community Hospital on Thursday October 28th. The enthusiasm for the mobilization is clearly growing. Worksite meetings will continue through November and on. This web site is the best place to get updates on the negotiations and to see what is happening with the mobilization. This web site has been viewed over 16,000 times. We continue to get an average of 40 to 70 individual visitors per day. Since the County has blocked this site on most County computers, that number is very encouraging.

Now is the time to join the effort to get a good contract for all employees in Monroe County. Here is how you can get involved:

  • Get updates to your e-mail address by filling out the online form by CLINKING HERE  (Confidentiality guaranteed)

  • Attend the Negotiation Update/Mobilization Meeting on November 16th. For information (CLICK HERE).

Keep the faith; If we all get involved, we WILL get a good contract with the County. Always remember:

United we Bargain 
Divided We Beg!


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