Friday, August 3, 2012

There is Unfinished Business in Monroe County

CSEA is starting a new campaign in Monroe County to aid in the membership in getting the fair contract they and their work is worthy of. “There is Unfinished Business in Monroe County” will highlight that the Monroe County Workforce is one of highest quality, valuable to the community it serves and that working for 4 years without a contract is ridiculous by any person’s standards.

The new campaign will begin in August with public billboard advertising and new web page, http://unfinished-biz.com.

The Union is still barred from moving forward with the fact-finding process due to a previous frivolous improper practice charge filed by the County that has yet to be resolved by the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB). However, after requests from CSEA, the County has agreed to re-enter negotiations with the CSEA negotiating team on August 21st.  Both parties have agreed to do a “marathon session” in an attempt to reach the fair agreement that both sides can accept, meaning that the negotiations will be scheduled to run the entire day. As always, CSEA will inform the membership via the “Blast” as to the results of that meeting.

CSEA Unit 7400 President Cris Zaffuto said, “The County Administration needs to understand that this process has gone on for an extremely long period and our members are tired of being economically paralyzed just because they are public employees, we can and will have an agreement if the County is truly willing to work with us.”

If this upcoming negotiations meeting does not produce a viable agreement for the membership, then CSEA will continue to move forward with the new campaign. The campaign will alert the public to the facts that the County Administration, has continued to stall the negotiations process, continues to devalue and demoralize their employees and continues to attempt to divide the union membership.

CSEA remains vigilant with sending our message to the entire County Legislature and urges all members to come to the next legislative meeting. Tuesday, August 14th, 5:45 - Monroe County Legislative Meeting, Monroe County Office Building

Please print off the Unit 7400 Negotiation Update (BLAST) and distribute it to your co-workers. You can access the BLAST (to print) if you CLICK HERE!!

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