Monday, February 6, 2012

CSEA Monroe County Employees Unit 7400 Negotiations Update!!

CSEA Monroe County Employees Unit 7400 and the County have agreed to meet again in mediation on Monday, February 27, 2012. Gregory Poland the PERB Regional Director will again serve as a mediator for this negotiation session. CSEA Unit 7400 has been steadfast if defending member’s benefits and that will not change.  It is the hope of the Union Negotiation Team that the County will arrive at these negotiations with a true spirit of compromise.

Statewide CSEA is currently in a fight with the Governor to save the NYS Public Employee defined pension program. An attack on the pension system is an attack on the middle class and it cannot be tolerated. To find out what you can do to protect your pension CLICK HERE! To get more information on the proposed new Pension Tier 6, CLICK HERE.

Politicians of all colors have targeted public employees and their benefits for far too long. Public employees are taxpayers as well as public servants and deserve to be treated with respect.

Please check the blog frequently to stay notified of any developments in the negotiation between CSEA Monroe County Employee Unit 7400 and Monroe County. 

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  1. Please keep our Health insurance as it is now!