Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The CSEA Unit 7400 Negotiation Team has requested to meet with the County in negotiations. A date for negotiations has now been set for March 22 from 1:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. CSEA initiated this meeting in the hopes that through hard work and compromise, the County and CSEA can reach a fair agreement that we can all be proud of. CSEA Unit President Cris Zaffutto said "we will sit down with the County anytime and anyplace to work for an agreement". As of today (3/9/2011), the hardworking employees of this county have been without a contract for 797 days.

"Since the County has taken a hard and consistent stance against retroactive pay for any bargaining unit in Monroe County, it is imperative that we keep working for a settlement" said CSEA Labor Relations Specialist Robert Leonard.

CSEA has worked hard to reach an agreement with the County and will continue those efforts. CSEA declared impasse in these negotiations and a mediator was appointed by the Public Employment Relations Board to work with the parties. If additional attempts at negotiations fail, the parties can make a request to PERB to go to Fact-finding. CSEA sincerely hopes that the parties can reach an agreement and it will not be necessary to go to the Fact-finding step in the negotiation process.

Please check back here frequently for negotiation updates. If there are any major developments in negotiations, informational meetings will be scheduled by your CSEA Unit Officers and Negotiation Team Members.



  1. Please, please get us a retro-active check... do they know what it is like to go this long without a raise????