Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Mobilization inundates the Monroe County Legislature Meeting on 12/14/10!

Despite the snow storm members of CSEA Unit 7400 flood the Monroe County Legislature Tuesday 
December 14, 2010. CSEA members are asking the Legislators to assist CSEA in getting a fair contract!
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Members of CSEA Unit 7400 attend the Monroe County Legislature on Tuesday December 14th.  CSEA members from across the Monroe County travelled through a blizzard (parts of 390 and 490 were closed) to communicate to the County Legislature that we need a fair contract.

A number of CSEA members spoke directly to the Legislature outlining the important contributions Monroe County Employees make to maintain a high quality of life in Monroe County.

Unit 7400 President Cris Zaffuto reminded the legislators that Monroe County Works Because We Do. To read Cris's comments CLICK HERE. 

Region President Flo Tripi called on the legislature to get involved in the current contract dispute, and help us work towards a resolution.  Here is a full text of Flo Tripi's speech before the Monroe County Legislature:

Honorable Legislators, I am Flo Tripi, president of CSEA’s Western Region.

I would like to thank you for the proclamation earlier tonight recognizing CSEA’s 100th anniversary. You have recognized our importance, our strength, and our dedication to public service. You have honored our past, and wished us well for the future. We hope that CSEA and the Monroe County Legislature can continue to work well together in the years to come. Even more importantly, we hope we can count on you to work with us right now as we continue to pursue a contract that is fair and respectful, and that recognizes the importance of the work we do.
Flo Tripi, CSEA 
Western Region President
Almost every Monroe County resident would agree that the services we provide are an important addition to the outstanding quality of life in this county. Legislators, wouldn’t you also agree that “Monroe County Works Because We Work?” Take a look at the men and women here tonight wearing the yellow shirts. They are the backbone of this county. They work tirelessly every day for the good of all.  They provide essential services to residents of Monroe County every single hour of every single day.

CSEA Unit 
President Cris Zaffuto 
addresses the County Legislature

Young or old; city, suburban or rural; we are there when you need us.

Today alone, our members worked to protect children and the elderly from abuse and neglect. We worked to keep criminals off the streets and to monitor those sentenced to probation.

We provided mental health care to those in need and protected crime victims.

Today, we also made sure the water from your tap is clean and healthy. We made sure restaurants safely prepared your food and that the scales in grocery stores weighed your purchases accurately.

We helped residents register their vehicles, and access vital records.

Today, we helped families receive the help they need to heat their homes, to put nutritious food on their tables, and to acquire medical coverage.

This is just the beginning. There is so much more that hard-working, dedicated CSEA members do, every single day, to protect and serve.

But, honorable legislators, it is important to note that these same hard-working, dedicated CSEA Monroe County Unit members have been working without a contract for almost two years.

Christmas Tree in the Monroe 
County Office Building.
We know you agree that our work is important and essential. We know you agree that the work we do makes Monroe County a better place. We know you agree that Monroe County Works Because We Work.

We know you agree that after almost two years, CSEA members need a fair contract. A contract that recognizes the importance of the work we do.  A contract that treats the workforce with dignity and respect. We ask that you join us in our effort to negotiate that fair contract.

Legislators, you count on US to provide essential services. Now we need to be able to count on YOU to do whatever you can to help us. Tonight you recognized our history, our strength and our dedication to public service. Tonight, we hope that you will also commit to helping us reach a fair agreement with the county. I am asking you to get involved. I am asking you to work with us toward a resolution.

Two years is far too long to go without a contract.

Thank you for your time, and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Flo Tripi
President, CSEA Region 6

Sue Newman and Don Wallace
Pictures by CSEA LRS Robert L. Leonard.


  1. I am very glad to see the strong show of support for the workforce, especially due to the awful weather. CSEA members should be very proud.

  2. Thank you Michael for all your help with the mobilization!