Monday, March 21, 2011

This Week in Albany Week Ending March 18, 2011

Crunch Time for the Budget – Your Action is Necessary

The state budget is reaching a critical point and time is of the essence.  It is critical that you contact Governor Cuomo and your state senator to tell them not to give a tax cut to millionaires.  If this tax cut goes through the state will be unable to restore critical funding for health care, education, human service programs, and other vital services.

Your action is necessary.  Call Governor Cuomo and your state senator today at 1 (877) 255-9417.  Ask them to protect jobs and vital public services by opposing a tax cut for millionaires.

Preliminary Budget Actions Begin

The State Senate and Assembly passed their one-house budget resolutions.  The Senate budget is $132.5 billion, slightly less than Cuomo's $132.9 billion plan. The Assembly's proposal totals $133 billion.  Both restored funding to health care programs, school districts, and other human service programs that were cut under Governor Cuomo’s proposal.

The Governor and legislative leaders held closed door meetings this week to discuss the budget.  Governor Cuomo said that he wants to include a local property tax cap and rent regulation in the final budget.  Neither chamber included either of these provisions in their one house budgets.

For further details on the one house budget proposals, please visit the CSEA website.

Judge Issues Stay in Wisconsin

A judge issued a temporary restraining order today against the law that would have stripped nearly all public employees in Wisconsin of collective bargaining rights.  The judge said the Senate violated a state open-meetings law while deliberating the legislation. (CLICK HERE)

Check out a great write up on THE NUTS AND BOLTS OF COLLECTIVE BARGAINING  Done by CSEA Local 828 Voice Reporter:  (CLICK HERE)

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