Monday, March 14, 2011

Members Vigilance Leads to Positive Progress

Monroe County Employees Local 828

At every legislative meeting for the last five months, CSEA Monroe County Unit 7400 leaders and member-activists have attended and spoke out about issues with the County workforce and the lack of any positive movement towards contract negotiations.  This past Tuesday was no different, as members once again confronted the legislators and listened to fellow members speak out about the services provided to the community.

Among the members speaking Tuesday night was Barbara Gorski from the Early Intervention Program. She described the community value of the department and it’s programs as they exist to “...provide services to families who are mentally ill, developmentally delayed, very wealthy, or very poor; people who live in (modest) homes, and million dollar homes, those with PhD’s and those with no diploma”. She also added that the fifteen Service Coordinators in the department have over 180 years of combined experience in their field.

Due to the membership’s commitment to make the workforce situation more visible to the legislature and the public, the CSEA team and the County have made plans to continue negotiations. Tuesday, March 22 has been set as the date for the renewed negotiations with the goal that if both sides can agree to do some hard work and compromise, both sides can create a fair agreement that can benefit all. CSEA Unit President Cris Zaffutto said "we will sit down with the County anytime and anyplace to work for an agreement". She also made the point to all in the legislative chamber that as of that night, 796 days have past without a proper contract resolution “…and that is way too long”.

The CSEA team is looking at this move back to negotiations very positively, however, if this or any additional attempts at negotiations fail, either party could move to the Fact-finding step of the negotiating process. The CSEA team sincerely hopes a fair and proper agreement will be reached by both sides and there will be no need to go to the Fact-finding. As negotiations resume, the Unit 7400 Leadership still urges members to attend and speak at upcoming legislative meetings to remind all county officials that the workforce will not be content until a contract agreement is reached.

Important dates to remember:

Tuesday, March 15th, 5:30 - Unit 7400 Contract Negotiations Mobilization Taskforce Meeting, Rochester Satellite Office (Please RSVP by calling 328-5250)

Tuesday, April 12th, 5:45 - Monroe County Legislative Meeting, Monroe County Office Building

CSEA Unit 7400 Leadership thanks all members for their continued involvement and will continue to keep all members up to date on the contract situation.


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