Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Monroe County employees
 Rochester, New York – Large numbers of Monroe County employees joined with other unions today to stand in support of working families across the nation. CSEA Region Six Political Action Coordinator Courtney Brunelle spoke (among others) before more than 400 people rallied on the steps of Rochester City Hall and warned of a new assault on middle-class workers.

The rally was in support of public workers in Wisconsin at a time when the governor and lawmakers are trying to take away their bargaining rights. (READ MORE)

Courtney Brunelle, CSEA Region Six Political Action Coordinator

"Attacking firefighters, nurses, teachers and other public employees is divisive and unfair. But people all over the country are standing up and speaking out against these attacks, and Madison, Wisconsin has been flooded with tens of thousands of people who care about the work they do and the people they serve. In Wisconsin and in a lot of other states, it's time for bipartisanship and for the politicians for start working together to create jobs".

Photos by Robert L. Leonard, LRS

You can join this historical struggle for the middle class! Sign Our Petition: We Are Standing Up for Public Service! (CLICK HERE)

Help bring some of the "Spirit of Wisconsin" to Monroe County by attending the next County Legislature meeting in support of the Monroe County Workforce. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!


  1. Courtney Brunelle gave a great speech. We are lucky to have her!

  2. It is time for all Monroe County workers to stand up for our negotiation team!

  3. "The American middle class isn't looking for a bailout or a handout. Most people just want a chance to share in the success of the companies they help to prosper. Making it easier for all Americans to form unions would give the middle class the bargaining power it needs for better wages and benefits. And a strong and prosperous middle class is necessary if our economy is to succeed".