Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Monroe County Works Because We Do!!!!!!

Photo by: R. Leonard, LRS

Many CSEA Unit 7400 members attended last night's Monroe County Legislature Meeting. The Legislature Chamber visitor's gallery was crammed with CSEA members and others who were interested in issues facing our County. Several County employees spoke before the legislature to emphasize the importance County Employees play in the quality of life here in Monroe County.

CSEA Unit 7400 Members
Photo by R. Leonard, LRS

CSEA Unit President Cris Zaffutto reminded the Legislators, “We come here every month to remind you of the hard work that we do. We feel it is important for you to know that not only are we employees, but we are your neighbors, friends, and perhaps your family members, and taxpayers who make sure that the services Monroe County provides are done in the most professional manner day to day”.

Barbara Gorski from the Monroe County
Early Intervention Program
Photo by R.Leonard, LRS

Barbara Gorski from the Monroe County Early Intervention Program also addressed the legislators with a positive message about the importance of her department. Barbra reminded the legislators that the Early Intervention Program “..provide services to families who are mentally ill, developmentally delayed, very wealthy, or very poor; people who live in (modest) homes, and million dollar homes, those with PhD’s and those with no diploma”. The fifteen Service Coordinator’s from the Monroe County Early Intervention Program have over 180 years of combined experience in their field.

Photo by R.Leonard, LRS
Monroe County Employees put their hearts and souls into their jobs on behalf of their neighbors and fellow taxpayers every single day of the year. The Monroe County Administration and the Legislature efforts on behalf of Monroe County residents are to be commended. However, we ask them to always remember, “Monroe County works because we do”.

Members of the CSEA Monroe County Employees Unit join with other Unions Wednesday March 2, 2011 to show support for Wisconsin Unions and for Collective Bargaining Rights for all workers.
Photo by R.  Leonard, LRS


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  1. I was at this meeting... It was great to see all those yellow shirts!!