Friday, April 13, 2012


Shawn Boburg, Staff Writer;
In a little noticed move, the Port Authority board has unanimously decided to strip unions of the right to negotiate health care benefits, putting it at the center of a debate that has ignited fierce protests in Wisconsin and Ohio.

Public Employees
The decision by the bi-state agency has drawn the attention of regional and national labor leaders, who are working behind the scenes to get the measure reversed. The issue has the potential to publicly highlight differences between Governor Christie and New York's Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who have come down on different sides of the national debate on collective bargaining and have veto power over the agency's decisions.

Their response carries potentially lasting implications for the two rising stars from opposing parties who have grander aspirations, experts say, as well as for the Port Authority's approximately 4,600 union employees. READ MORE: CLICK HERE!

Triborough Amendment

Since public workers are prohibited from striking, Triborough levels the field in negotiations, preventing employers from unilaterally changing terms and conditions of employment if a contract has expired. 

Triborough merely continues the terms of an expired contract while the parties negotiate a new one. It does not give workers raises. 

Without Triborough employers could wait until a contract expires and then simply impose new terms. 

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Nurses, Probation Officers, Public Safety and all Public Employees are under attack....

Why we defend Triborough  -  READ MORE CLICK HERE


  1. Most public employees make less than private sector wages, particularly at the higher levels. Public sector benefits have been quite good to make up for this and to attract better workers, but these have been eroding for years. Monroe County is not broke and afford to give us a fair contract.

    I want to thank our negotiation team for fighting so hard to get us a good settlement. I know it can't be easy.

  2. Thank you for your kind words. Your CSEA Negotiation Team has worked hard to get an agreement. However, the County is still demanding deep concessions with little in return. We need all the members to keep up the pressure on the County if we ever have a hope of getting a fair resolution to these negotiations.

    - The Editor

  3. From one hard working Public Employee to another, thank you. Each voice adds to the push back against this McCarthyesque time. It will be repudiated, as will the self promoters riding in on its wave.