Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Struggle for a Fair Agreement Continues

CSEA Unit 7400 leadership continues the fight to protect our membership’s rights and benefits.  Last week CSEA Unit President Cris Zaffuto again advocated (in a letter to Monroe County) to get negotiations moving. In this letter, she pointed out the following:
CSEA has made it clear that we have continuously been willing and open to sitting down with the County at any time to work toward a fair settlement.
The letter from President Zaffuto went on to offer Monroe County several options to move the negotiations along:
While CSEA stands by the communications we have had with our members, the County Legislature and the press, we remain willing to meet with the County anytime, anyplace in an attempt to get a fair agreement. 
We are so ready to meet that we offer the County the following three alternative options to re-start negotiations; if any of these are acceptable to the County, we will agree to do so:
1.         As stated above, the parties can meet with the fact finder immediately, even while your charge against CSEA is pending. 
2.         A preferable option is that you withdraw your charge against CSEA and let the fact finder decide the proper issues that need to be addressed.  This way, we leave the issues in the hands of the fact-finder, without the uncertainty of litigation hanging over our heads. 
3.         Another option is to meet prior to going to the fact-finder to continue negotiations voluntarily to resolve our differences.
Please check back to this blog often. We will update you as soon as we get a response from the County on our legitimate request to get these negotiations back on track.

Rest assured, your negotiation team and union leadership will use every tool available to protect your benefits and encourage the County to come to the bargaining table with reasonable proposals. These negotiations have gone on far too long. There is unfinished business in Monroe County and it is high time the Brooks Administration prioritize these negotiations and works towards a fair settlement.


  1. Why can't the county offer us at least what the public saftey unions got???

  2. This is ridiculous! Don’t you think Maggie would have settled our contract before she ran for congress? No county employee or their family would ever vote for that woman. Not the way she has treated us.

  3. Maggie Brooks has declared war on her employees. We work our tails off for the citizens of this county and what thanks do we get: NOTHING!

  4. I don’t think that there is any evidence to support the contention that unions in Monroe County are causing any budget crises - the budget crises that are being used as, I would say, excuses to try and break our will.. They are doing a pretty good job with that if nothing else.

  5. Let's not do to the country what Brooks has done to our county!

  6. At least Maggie always praises the county workforce… although most of us are pretty unhappy with her right about now. We deserve better than what we are getting.

  7. This union has no teeth. Why don’t you use our dues money to let the public know what is going on here in Monroe County. I think if the public knew that the county employees are getting nothing and all the county bigwigs got fat raises, they would be appalled.

    1. You got that right!!!!

  8. I agree, our dues money should be used to expose these people!