Thursday, April 7, 2011

Don’t Let Quality Health Services Fall Into the Wrong Hands

Since 1826 Monroe Community Hospital has had a long history of providing high quality health care to the residents of the county. We know you’ll agree that there are many components to achieving and maintaining good health. We also know that you’ll agree that good nutrition and sanitary conditions have as much a significant impact on health as medical and motivational care when it comes to the men, women and children who are frail, sick, elderly or in need of rehabilitation. Unfortunately, if the county goes through with their plans to privatize some departments at Monroe Community Hospital to a profit driven company, the patients and residents may be put at risk.

As a member of the Monroe Community Hospital family, you need to know that county officials are trying to contract out the dietary and laundry services at MCH. To do so would be misguided, it would not save money and it would threaten the full, complete circle of health care at the facility. Along with doctors, nurses, counselors and support staff, the nutrition and cleanliness programs play very significant roles in recovery and maintenance of residents’ health and quality of life.

The public owned Monroe Community Hospital provides high quality care for all residents of Monroe County. Privatizing current services at Monroe Community Hospital is not a way to save. Instead, privatization would come with a cost. Privatization would threaten quality care and cheapen valuable and important services.

All Monroe County residents deserve complete and quality care. Don't let the circle of health care be broken. Call Monroe Community Hospital Executive Director Todd Spring today and tell him: "Keep MCH at the top of quality health services. Don’t outsource any hospital departments.” Call Mr. Spring at 760-6304.

For more information on the county’s misguided plan to outsource MCH dietary and laundry, call 585-328-5250.

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