Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Struggle For Justice Continues....

CSEA Unit 7400 Worksite Information Visits Ongoing

CSEA Unit 7400 Leadership, Negotiating Team Members, Labor Relations Specialist and Mobilization Specialist are continuing to visit various worksites around the county to meet with members and keep them
informed and up to date with regard to the current contract situation.

Unit 7400 leadership recently sent out a letter to notify all members that the team had declared to go to the Fact-finding process in negotiations. The letter also included the newest list of County proposals that were presented to the CSEA team at the failed negotiations on March 22nd. It is important to note when reading the proposals, that the County wrote them with our membership as the intended reader (and thereby added some “spin” to them) as they knew the team would distribute it to the members. This new “approach” from the County is a result from the when the team gave out the County’s proposals after impasse had been declared and the County Administration had been “mystified” by the team’s action to inform the membership as to the County demands for concessions.

It is also important to note that every action in negotiations has been driven by CSEA. The County has shown little to no interest in negotiations, yet alone coming to a fair agreement. “The County has seemingly had a lack of interest since the start of negotiations”, said CSEA Unit 7400 President Cris Zaffuto, “we have had to request every meeting, we have had to declare impasse and then we have had to call for Fact-finding. I believe the Fact-finding report will show that we’ve done everything possible to negotiate in an upfront and fair manner”.

Although all previous attempts to create a final binding contract have failed, the CSEA Unit 7400 team has pledged to meet with the County at any time during this process if the County wants to return to fair bargaining negotiations.

Important dates to remember:

Monday April 25th, 5:30 - Unit 7400 Contract Negotiations Mobilization Taskforce Meeting, Rochester Satellite Office

Tuesday, May 10th, 5:45 - Monroe County Legislative Meeting, Monroe County Office Building

Monday, May 12th, 5:30 – Unit 7400 General membership Meeting, Diplomat Party House in Rochester

CSEA Unit 7400 Leadership thanks all members for their continued involvement and will continue to keep all members up to date on the contract situation. Reminder: Get up to date info at the Unit 7400 Blog at http://unit7400.blogspot.com/


Download a copy of the BLAST and distribute it to your co-workers. (CLICK HERE)


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