Friday, October 8, 2010

TO: Stewards/Negotiation Team Unit 7400 Executive Board & CSEA Activists

The mobilization of our members continues. The next meeting for Stewards/Negotiation Team, Unit 7400 Executive Board and CSEA Activists is October 14th at 5:30pm at the CSEA Rochester Satellite Office.

It is imperative that you attend these meetings as all hands are needed to rally our members behind the Negotiation Team. Now that we have met with so many members, this session will be to develop our specific strategy for the mobilization. This meeting will again be facilitated by CSEA Mobilization Specialist Michael Ottaviano.
Please make every effort to attend. If for some reason you can not attend, please call the union office and let us know.
What we end up with through the current negotiations now depends on you. 

If you would like to become more active in the mobilization, please call the CSEA Office at (585) 328-5250.

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