Sunday, October 24, 2010

Monroe County Works Because WE do!!!!!

Across Monroe County, excitement has been building for the mobilization. With a number of well attended workplace meetings, a common goal has emerged;  we deserve a fair contract. One nurse who attended a recent mobilization meeting at Monroe Community Hospital stated "we just don't feel valued by Monroe County anymore". Monroe County employees are coming forward in record numbers to get involved.  October has seen numerous informational meetings held throughout the County. CSEA members are enraged at the County's draconian bargaining position and want to know how they can help us get a fair contract. Support for the CSEA Negotiation Team appears at an all time high as the momentum for our coming campaign spreads throughout the county.

Meetings were recently
held at MCH.
Keep your eyes on this web site for announcements and future meetings and events. November promises to bring increased activism by CSEA members as the mobilization gains momentum. Another mass Negotiation Update/Mobilization meeting has been scheduled for November (click here for more information). If you would like to get involved in the mobilization, or be kept informed, CLICK HERE to fill out an online registration form. If every Monroe County employee does a little, we can accomplish great things in Monroe County.

Mobilization Meeting
If you have a Facebook account CLICK HERE to join the fair contract cause page. Please get involved, speak up, as what we get in our contract depends on YOU.

The Union's negotiation goals remain simple; protect our members benefits and get a fair pay increase. We realize the difficult economic situation we are in, our proposals are very reasonable and take into consideration the needs of the County.

As we mobilize throughout the County in our just efforts to get a fair contract, we remain willing to meet with the County at any time or any place if they want to truly negotiate. However, as much as we want to  negotiate; we will not accept being dictated to.


Divided We Beg

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