Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Negotiations to Start Soon

Print a Copy of the current Contract Info BLAST and distribute to your co-workers: CLICK HERE

CSEA Unit 7400 is gearing up for the negotiations process for the county contract. Current plans are tentatively poised for the Unit Negotiating Team to meet with the County Administration sometime shortly after the 1st of April.

The Unit Team is looking forward to getting to the table and working on proposals that will properly compensate and benefit the membership and not burden the taxpayers of the County. However, due to the length of the last contract negotiations process, past issues with the County Administration, the current state of economy and more importantly, to get the best contract possible, work on your upcoming negotiations has already begun.

The team has been assembled and has already held a preliminary meeting with your Labor Relations Specialist (LRS) and lead negotiator, Robert Leonard to go over the groundwork and research that needs to be done before the first meeting with the County at the table.

In the next few days, you will receive a survey for proposals that you may want to see in the contract as well as other information regarding negotiations. Please fill out the survey and return it as soon as possible so that the team can move forward. Remember, this is your contract and your involvement will be crucial to getting the fair contract we all deserve.

The negotiating team members are: Unit President Cris Zaffuto, Holly Gudonis – Sheriff’s Office/MCH, Anthony Cleggett - DHS, Jim D’Amico - DES, Sue Newman – DMV/County Clerk, Angela Muscianese - Health Department, Angelo Costanzo  - Parks/Airport, Joanne Guarnere – Probation, Caril Powell-Price - Probation.

If you have any issues, questions or concerns dealing with the upcoming contract negotiations, please feel free to contact any member of the Negotiation Team or call the Union Office at (585) 328-5250.

After the first meeting with the County, the Unit will be holding a General Membership meeting to update everyone with the contract negotiations information, and field any questions or comments.

As always, CSEA will also inform the membership of negotiations via the “Contract Blast”. CSEA Unit 7400 President Cris Zaffuto said, “We are starting with a fresh step towards negotiations with the County, we know times are not the best, but as I have said before, if the County is willing to work with us then we’ll get an agreement that benefits us all.”  

For frequent Negotiation Updates, Check the Unit 7400 Blog at: http://unit7400.blogspot.com/

Print a Copy of the current Contract Info BLAST and distribute to your co-workers: CLICK HERE

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