Wednesday, August 22, 2012

CSEA Unit 7400 - General Membership Meeting

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the Tentative Agreement reached by and between CSEA Unit 7400 and Monroe County.

A full copy of the signed Tentative Agreement will be sent to each member next week.

DATE:  Monday, September 10th 

TIME: 5:30pm

1956 Lyell Avenue, Rochester, NY

Pizza, Wings and Refreshments will be provided.


  1. I want to thank the entire negotiation team for all their efforts over the last few years. I have watched from afar but have seen you folks tirelessly struggle to get us a good agreement. I am looking forward to reading the tentative agreement.

  2. Thanks for keeping the lines of communication always open. I look forward to the negotiation blast that come out periodically. I also check this site daily and appreciate the negotiation updates. The only thing is I wish the union had been more aggressive in holding the county administration responsible for what they are trying to do to us.

  3. What happens when Maggie gets her way and the Triborough Amendment is repealed? Public servants will loose what little they now have that is what!

    1. We need to make sure that never happens!