Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Mobilization Continues……

Monroe County employees once again flood the Monroe County Legislature chambers at the 1/11/11 Legislature meeting. CSEA members are demanding a fair contract. For more information read the latest BLAST by Clicking Here (feel free to print the BLAST and distribute to your co-workers).

Comments made by Cris Zaffuto to the Monroe County Legislature on 1/11/11:

Good Evening,

I bring Happy New Year wishes to you from all the Hard working Men and Women of Monroe County.

I again come before you to share with you the work that goes on, on a daily bases by the CSEA members that work in this county.

Monroe County has 3 DMV offices. These are the employees who make sure that everyone in the county has a legal driver’s license and insurance on their cars.

But of course you all know that bit of information. But…….

What you don’t know is what they have to deal with everyday. As you are aware many times there are customers who are not always happy with what the DMV Rep tells them. This information sometimes leads to the employees being sworn at, yelled at and even spit on.

You may remember there was a woman who went over the table after the rep over at the mobile site across the street in city place. That’s just 1 example..Many times employees get grabbed at thru the window at the offices.

These employees handle as many transactions as a bank teller without any bullet proof glass, panic buttons or any barriers between them and the customers.

They work in conditions that are far from ergonomically correct, which may hinder their health in the future and raises the cost of Workers Comp Insurance.

These folks are dedicated employees of Monroe County. Even working in conditions that may be harmful to themselves they show up every day ready and willing to serve YOUR Community.

Which why I have to close with this:

“Monroe County Works Because We Do.”

Cris Zaffuto, President
CSEA Unit 7400

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