Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Holidays from CSEA

Yes, my dear friends, once again 'tis the season,

We're sending this letter for more than one reason.

A gift from "YOUR UNION", to wish you good cheer,
But also to tell you of gifts throughout the year!

Our dues are all taken right out of our pay;
But what do we get for those dues, some may say.
So, along with glad tidings, we're sending this letter
To reassure some, just to make you feel better.

Here are some things from the dues that you pay.
These are items you use, from your Union, each day.
We'll give a brief rundown and do it real quick.
These are gifts from YOUR UNION, not from St. Nick.

Your dental and medical, and much more.
Sick Leave and Drug Plan, to name just a few.

The raises you get (although sometimes too small)
Your CSEA reps negotiate for them all.

Your unused sick leave credits enhancing your pension,
Co-pay reimbursement and Oh, did we mention
due process and arbitration
These are some things worth bargaining for.

Our sick leave, annual leave and lest we forget,
Those wonderful holidays off that we get.
We can't take them for granted, they're not given free.
Our union reps fight for these - for you and for me.

We have our own elves, who work long into the night,
Negotiating for us, so we all get what's right.
They bicker and bargain and put up a fuss,
But they always try to do what's best for us.

Now, before we conclude,
We've just one more thing to say,
If Santa were union, he'd be CSEA!

By: Gina Sciortino, CSEA Member (Modified)

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