Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A New Message From Your President

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As promised, your CSEA negotiation team is back at work trying to come up with solutions that will be satisfactory to everyone. We have begun to brainstorm and discuss the issues that are important to our members. As of now we do not have a date to go back to the table with Monroe County, but believe that will be forthcoming. Please check on the website and blog spot for updates.

CSEA fights for you even after you retire. Last year Monroe County changed the health insurance benefit for retirees who reached the age of 65. This had an adverse impact on many retirees, especially with their prescription drugs. CSEA filled a court challenge that is currently making its way through the legal system. If anyone ever asks you where your dues money goes, the answer is easy. It goes to protect your benefits even after you retire.

Please turn to this website for current updates on the lawsuit as well as other issues.

Yours in Solidarity,



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