Saturday, May 12, 2012

This Week In Albany

Governor Cuomo Introduces Quality of Care Reforms

Governor Cuomo introduced legislation to reform and protect people with special needs and disabilities that are in state run and not-for-profit facilities.

The proposed legislation:

•    Creates a Justice Center to investigate reports of abuse and neglect.
•    Creates a statewide 24/7 hotline staffed by professionals to ensure abuse allegation are promptly reported to law enforcement. 
•    Develops a register of workers who have committed serious acts of abuse who will be prevented from working again with people with disabilities. 
•    Consolidates of background check procedures. 
•    Creates of a code of conduct for all individuals who work with people with disabilities.

CSEA is still reviewing this legislation and will fight to ensure that staff is well-trained and that staffing issues including mandated overtime are addressed.
Vote on Your Local School Budget on May 15

On May 15, school districts in New York will present their budgets to voters.
It is vital that you make your voice heard and get out and vote on your local school budget.

President Visits Albany, Announces Support of Marriage Equality the Following Day

President Obama visited the SUNY Albany NanoCollege to tour the facility and discuss the impact that this new type of technology is having on the New York and national economy.  It is his third visit to the Albany area since he became President.

In a television interview the following day, President Obama announced that he now supports marriage equality.

In response to this CSEA President Danny Donohue issued a statement that said, “President Barack Obama's statement of support for marriage equality marks an important advance for the cause of civil rights and a just society.”

Democrats Nominate Wisconsin Gubernatorial Candidate

Democrats in Wisconsin voted to nominate Tom Barrett, County Executive of Milwaukee County, as the Democratic candidate to face-off with Governor Scott Walker in the June 5 recall election.

This recall election has national implications.  The results will either help to stop some of the anti-public employee actions throughout the country or will embolden government leaders to further reduce benefits and pay and vilify public employees.  

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