Tuesday, March 27, 2012


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CSEA Unit 7400 is encouraging all public employees to make sure they have joined their pension plan before April 1st to avoid a reduction in benefits under the newly enacted Tier 6 pension. Click here for the NYS AFL-CIO message.

Tier VI becomes effective April 1st 2012. Some current part-time and current seasonal workers have had an option of whether  or not to join the retirement system. They may want to review the attached CLICK HERE information and join as Tier V members (instead of VI) by enrolling before April 1st. For additional information: CLICK HERE

CSEA Suspends State Political Endorsements & Contributions 

After the passage of Tier 6 in the dead of night, CSEA has decided to suspend all state political endorsements and contributions. CSEA President Danny Donohue stated, “This unprecedented action is a direct result of the political deal between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the state legislative leadership, Senate Republicans and Assembly Democrats, trading the future retirement security of working New Yorkers for legislative redistricting lines.”  This action is necessary to give our union the opportunity to re-evaluate our political relationships and make judgments about the criteria we use in determining who has earned and deserves our support.
Tell Your State Legislators:  Stop the Giveaway!

Governor Cuomo, State Senators and Assembly members voted for a retirement perk worth thousands of dollars for themselves and their political appointees at your expense.  Under Tier 6, taxpayers are on the hook for paying for an 8 percent of  salary retirement perk for politicians and their appointees every year!   These politically favored few will be allowed to skip out overnight, taking thousands of taxpayer dollars after just one year of service.

Send your Senator and Assembly member a message. Tell them to repeal this giveaway to the politically connected and restore fairness to the state pension fund!  

Click here for summary of the Tier 6 legislation

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