Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pension ALERT!!!!

CSEA Unit 7400  members and others attend a workshop on saving our pensions
at the CSEA Rochester Satellite on Saturday 2/4/12.

(From left to right) Region 6 President Flo Tripi, Region 6 PAC Coordinator 
Courtney Brunelle and CSEA's Statewide Legislative Director Fran Turner lead a lively
discussion on the dangers of creating a Tier 6 in the NYS Pension System
Region 6 PAC Coordinator  
Courtney Brunelle
The constitutional guarantee is useless if the PENSION FUND IS BROKE! 

This happened in Rhode Island - current retirees had to take as much as a 50 percent loss in their pensions. 

Oppose Tier 6 

Tell Your State Legislators 

"Don't put my retirement at risk - oppose Tier 6" 

Call 1-877-255-9417

Go to: tinyurl.com/stoptier6

Pictures Taken by CSEA LRS Robert. L. Leonard


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