Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tell Newt His Plan to Fire Unionized Janitors and Hire Poor Kids is Nuts

We noted yesterday that Newt Gingrich wants “get rid of unionized janitors” and hire poor kids to clean the schools in low-income neighborhoods. TodayAFSCME says it’s time to tell Gingrich that his ”model” to lift kids out of poverty is outrageous dangerous and downright hogwash.
Click here to sign a letter that reminds Gingrich that
“doing janitorial work in a school entails sanitizing toilets, handling hazardous cleaning chemicals, and scrubbing floors hunched over a mop for hours. It’s hard to imagine a nine-year old doing any of those tasks. Come on.”
You can also tell the oh-so- brilliant Gingrich—at least in his mind—that when he fires all those janitors,
a lot of them are parents. That job puts a roof over kids’ heads, food on the table, and provides them with health care and the chance to get an education. That job is the only thing between a kid and poverty. Firing someone’s mom and hiring the kid for less money isn’t exactly the “process of rising.”
Click here to tell Newt he’s out of his mind and click here for a video look at his plan.

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