Friday, May 27, 2011

CSEA Unit 7400 : Contract Process Continues

Well known Arbitrator Douglas J. Bantle has been appointed by the Public Employment Relations Board to be the Fact-finder in the negotiation between CSEA Unit 7400 and Monroe County. Currently the chief negotiators are working with Arbitrator Bantle to establish the dates for the actual fact-finding. Fact-finding is an intense process that will take a great deal of work from all involved. The Chief Union Negotiator Robert L. Leonard stated "I still hold out hope that the County and the Union can reach a fair agreement", Leonard added "regardless of fact-finding the County and the Union can meet at any time in an attempt to reach a fair agreement at any time". Keep your eye open for future "BLASTs" for the most current negotiation updates.

“We are really working hard to have a perfect argument for the Fact-finding”, said CSEA Unit 7400 President Cris Zuffuto. She added, “We’re looking to have all bases covered and appreciate the help the membership has provided”.

While fact-finding work continues, Unit 7400 leaders continue to urge members not only to attend the legislative meetings, but we want members to speak with regard to the services they provide and take the time prior to the start of the session to make yourself known and introduce yourself to your legislator, it’s important they know that you are not happy about the lack of progress on the contract and that you are willing to make your family, friends and neighbors aware of the problems in your area.

We also are taking all avenues to make these issues visible to the community. If you have a facebook account, please remember to join the "CSEA Unit 7400 cause" page to show support of your negotiation team. Once you sign into your facebook account, simply enter "CSEA Unit 7400 cause" in the search box at the top of the facebook page and join "the cause".

Important date to remember:

Tuesday, June 14th, 5:45 - Monroe County Legislative Meeting, Monroe County Office Building

Thursday, June 16th, 5:30 – Mobilization Taskforce Meeting, Rochester Satellite Office

The CSEA Unit 7400 Leadership thanks all members for their continued involvement and will continue to keep all members up to date on the contract situation. Reminder: Get up to date info at the Unit 7400 Blog at http://unit7400.blogspot.com

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