Thursday, February 17, 2011

Stand with the workers in Wisconsin in their struggle to be heard!!!!!!

CEOs and their corporations spent more than $1 billion nationally last fall to elect politicians who would work for them. Now those politicians are saying "thank you" by trying to enact an all-out assault on middle-class families. But this week, Wisconsin has shown us how powerful it is when working people fight back.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker thought he could cut the pay and trample the rights of more than 150,000 state workers and not face any consequences. Well, he was wrong. Tuesday, 13,000 people went to the state capitol to protest Gov. Walker's plan, and to tell their state legislators to oppose it. Dozens spent the night in sleeping bags in the Capitol Rotunda and over 50,000 arrived to protest on Wednesday.

Stand with the workers in Wisconsin in their struggle to be heard over the CEOs.

Then, get ready to put up the same fight in your state, because Gov. Walker isn't the only one who owes payback to the CEOs who got him elected. Governors and state legislatures around the country are threatening to pass similar laws that would drive down wages, weaken workplace protections and cut services middle-class families depend on.

Wisconsin has shown us that when working people join together and fight back, we can make headlines and influence politicians-even without billions in corporate money. Stand with Wisconsin's workers.

In solidarity,

Working America, AFL-CIO
Tens of thousands of Wisconsin workers showed us this week how powerful our voices can be. Click here to say "I stand with Wisconsin's working people.

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